Wednesday, December 7, 2016

All About Owls


This is the Barred Owl.
 Owls are nocturnal. They have lots of feathers. Owls have big eyes so they can see at night. Owls have 14 neck bones so they can turn their heads almost all the way around. They cannot move their eyes like people. Owls can hear really well. Owls have ears, but they hear with their facial disks. Owls have a facial disk that helps them hear. Owls have very sharp talons that help them catch their prey. They eat chunks of food. They use their beak to eat their prey. They don’t digest everything they eat. They spit it out into an owl pellet. Different sized owls have different sized beaks. An owl’s wing is quieter than an eagle’s so it can catch its prey better. The owl’s feathers have a little hook like fringe that makes them quiet. Owls build their nests in a tree. 
This is the Great Horned Owl.
This is the Screech Owl.
Different types of owls look different. The Screech Owl has a hoot that sounds liked a screech. The Screech Owl was the smallest owl we saw. It was about 6 inches tall. They have little eyes, but they can see very well. The Barred Owl looks like a tree so it is camouflaged. A Barred owl’s feathers look like bars. The feathers are white and brown. The Great Horned Owl has big talons. Their talons are bigger and sharper than smaller owls. The Great Horned has a big facial disk. They have ear tufts that look like ears, but they are really just feathers.  

Owl pellets are made of bones and fur. If you look at the bones on an owl pellet you can tell what kind of animal the owl ate.